The DeepHealth consortium met for the second time after the project’s kick-off in January. The 2nd plenary meeting has been hosted by partner PHILIPS and has taken place at Best (The Netherlands) on July, 16th and 17th.

The meeting aimed at reviewing and assessing the work done during the first six months of the project in the framework of the different active work packages, facilitate the exchange of information between the partners, as well as plan and advance on-going and upcoming activities and tasks.

These first six months have been focused on defining the 14 use-cases foreseen in the DeepHealth project together with the specifications and requirements of the applications and platforms supporting them, on developing the DeepHealth libraries APIs specifications, the requirements regarding infrastructure, and overall defining ethical and data privacy requirements. Besides, work has been also done to disseminate the project and on Data Management.

During the meeting, the partners presented and updated the status of each of the activities performed, discussed the fine-tuned requirements and specifications and defined the next steps in development. Several working sessions and workshops were held to discuss and work collaboratively on different specific technical aspects of the project as well as to start planning exploitation.

You can find more information for the DeepHealth project through the project website here or follow the project news through the project social media.