The first public deliverable, titled “Blockchain design specification”, is available.

Blockchain technology is a core component of the DataPorts platform, taking care of data sharing and data governance policies, and helping DataPorts pilots to build their use cases around the potential benefits of the technology. This first deliverable describes the initial steps in designing the platform. It focuses specifically on the design of a reliable and secure system for data trading based in Blockchain technology.

Firstly, this document establishes the technical specifications for the development and deployment of the Blockchain components of the DataPorts platform. Functional and technical requirements have been analyzed for both the platform and the use cases.

In addition, it is focused on introducing the reader to the current Blockchain applications ecosystem. A selection of technologies has been explained thoroughly, and a detailed comparison between them will be used to choose the most suitable technology for the project.

Finally, the use cases from Thessaloniki Port and Valencia Port for the DataPorts Platform are presented, accompanied by a network design proposal that will suit the necessities derived from the analysis and development of the use cases.

The deliverable is available here and you can find more information about the project in the DataPorts Project Website.