During recent years, the production and collection of big data by companies have been accelerating. At the same time, a big chunk of this data is sitting on the servers and is never been used. DataCloud project sees the missed opportunity – and wants to build tools for utilising this “dark data”.

To benefit from dark data, businesses and organisations need efficient processes for analysing and transferring large volumes of data. These processes are called big data pipelines and are essential for solving the problem. However, at the moment, there is a lack of general-purpose solutions, accessible for a wide audience.

DataCloud delivers a toolbox to support the whole lifecycle of big data pipelines. The goal is to lower the technological entry barriers for the organizations to implement the big data pipelines as a part of the business processes.

The project is now mapping the main market demands for the DataCloud toolbox. Have your say on the survey below – the answers will be used when developing the main features and functionalities of the project’s solution!


(Photo by Victor on Unsplash)