DataBench project, developing a benchmarking framework for Big Data Technologies is currently preparing the newest release of its main outcome: the DataBench Toolbox which will be launched in summer this year and presented through a series of activities such as webinars and events.

The DataBench Toolbox is a one-stop-shop for Big Data Benchmarking providing multiple benefits for different types of users to benchmark Big Data solutions by obtaining technical performance KPI’s and Business Insights at the same time. The Toolbox targets:

  • Big Data Benchmark Providers
    • Browse existing benchmarks on the catalog
    • Register own benchmarks to make them searchable and executable on the catalog by 3rd party users
    • Automate use of benchmarks with the help of DataBench Handbook so users can deploy and execute it on the toolbox environment
    • Compare results of execution with other benchmarks and get business insights
  • Users with a technical role and background looking to benchmark company Big Data Technologies or apps:
    • Browse and search benchmarks in the catalog to test specific Big Data tools, apps, machine learning methods, etc
    • Deploy and run benchmarks integrated directly in the Toolbox in an easy and fast way
    • Homogenize and compare data of execution of benchmarks
    • Obtain further technical and business insights based on previous knowledge, best practices, etc
  • Users with a business role looking to assess the usage of Big Data Technologies and apps and understand the correlation between them and business insights:
    • Navigate and obtain knowledge about benchmarks in the desired sector through simple, advanced and guided search functionalities
    • Find related cases along with statistics, best practices, analysts’ reports, and more
    • Try and execute benchmarks to compare them with others to learn about a specific business case, business insights, and tailored recommendations

If you want to learn more about the DataBench Toolbox check the video series of the DataBench Toolbox available on the project YouTube Channel:

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