DataBench project announced its Final Event within the Sponsorship of the next edition of the European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF), the flagship event of the European Big Data and Data-Driven AI Research and Innovation community organised by the Big Data Value Association.

After three years of intensive work, DataBench has created an evaluation framework, available for the community, which allows different types of users to run technical benchmarks and compare the performance of Big Data Technologies (BDT) while also providing useful and relevant information regarding the business impact of these technologies. By doing so, DataBench has addressed one of the major barriers of adoption of BDT thanks to the ability to measure the potential business benefits of its implementation.

During the EBDVF 2020, participants can visit DataBench Sponsor and Exhibitor booth to get more information about the project and its results in different formats such as videos and infographics. In addition, DataBench staff will be available during the 3-day virtual event to answer any request or questions regarding the project.

As part of its Final Event, the project will hold a sponsored session on Wednesday, November 4th from 10:00am to 1:30pm through the Zoom platform which will be linked directly to the virtual booth on Whova.

The session titled “Evaluation schemes for Big Data and AI performance of high business impact” will introduce the different elements of the framework, including the Toolbox, the way it can be used and some specific examples of the work and collaborations done with companies and projects which have benefited from the benchmarking process on both technological and business perspectives.

By attending, participants will be able to truly understand the importance of choosing between one or another tool not only because of its performance but also considering the business impact to achieve the KPIs expected. In this sense, the results of DataBench contribute to better decision making within companies implementing technologies on their daily operations, and to support the European Big Data and Benchmarking communities with a Toolbox bridging the gap between current processes.

The session is divided into two main blocks, which can be attended separately, although we recommend taking maximum advantage of the contents by attending to the whole session:

Welcome and introduction (10:00 – 10:15)

PART I. Big Data Benchmarking landscape and Big Data Blueprints

Session 1: The current landscape of Big Data Benchmarks (10:15 – 11:00)

Session 2: A walkthrough to big data architectural blueprints and tools for different Industries/verticals (11:00 – 12:00)

Short coffee break to relax and grab a coffee (12:00 – 12:15)

PART II. Big Data Business Framework and benchmarking tooling support

Session 3The DataBench framework: a compelling offering to measure the impact of Big Data Technologies (12:15 – 12:45)

Session 4: A practical journey on how to use the DataBench Toolbox through case studies from companies and projects (12:45 – 13:15)

Concluding remarks (13:15 – 13:30)

Stay in touch on the Whova platform to see more details on the agenda and speakers in the upcoming days!

DataBench team looks forward to seeing you at EBDFV2020!