Last month we shared with you the results of the survey conducted by DataBench Project on 700 European Businesses in 11 EU Member States to evaluate the level of adoption of Big Data and Analytics solutions in different sized companies and identify the relevance of business KPIs for Big Data Analytics (BDA) users. The detailed analysis is presented in the report D2.2 of DataBench Project.

The project has developed the first of a series of infographics presenting the main highlights of the survey regarding:

– Level of adoption of BDA solutions by EU businesses from different Industries and Business Areas

– Business goals driving the adoption of this type of technologies

– Most relevant KPI categories for measuring the business impact

– Achievements and expected benefits for using BDA solutions

– Current use of analytic techniques

– Current level of Big Data skills gap

Check the infographic here.

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At the heart of DataBench is the goal to design a benchmarking process helping European organizations developing BDT to reach for excellence and constantly improve their performance, by measuring their technology development activity against parameters of high business relevance.

DataBench will investigate existing Big Data benchmarking tools and projects, identify the main gaps and provide a robust set of metrics to compare technical results coming from those tools.

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