Madrid, Spain – January 2020. DataBench project, working on the development of a benchmarking framework for Big Data Technologies announces the availability of two public deliverables on its website.

Deliverable 1.4 – Horizontal Benchmarks. Data Management

The deliverable presents the various horizontal benchmarks in the area of data management, including data acquisition and curation and data storage for various classes of storage systems. The Linked Data/Graph database benchmarks focuses here on the performance of Graph databases and RDF storage representative of all relevant data management solutions relevant for the industrial requirements. This document classifies the benchmarks on four categories:

– Data Protection: Privacy/Security Management Benchmarks related to data management
– Data Management: Data Storage and Data Management Benchmarks
– Cloud/HPC
– Edge and IoT Data Management Benchmarks

The deliverable is related to the public version of the document “D1.2 DataBench Framework – with Vertical Big Data Type benchmarks” and also complements the “D1.3 Horizontal Benchmarks – Analytics and Processing” document which is also available on DataBench website.

Deliverable 3.3 – DataBench Toolbox. Beta including end-to-end scenario tool

Supporting document of the demonstrator of the Beta version of the DataBench Toolbox. The document provides an overview of the features evolved from the Alpha version including support for defining use cases when running benchmarks as well as the definition of modules in charge of handling the results and extracting the technical metrics from the data stored in the Toolbox backend. This document is the third deliverable related to the DataBench Toolbox after D3.1 and D3.2. It provides an update of the development presented in D3.2 in the light of the advances done in the Beta version. More updates will be provided as part of the upcoming release of the Toolbox scheduled in the DataBench WP3 lifecycle.

In relation to this deliverable, DataBench team has developed a video series about the DataBench Toolbox explaining how different type of users can benefit from its different features which address the needs of benchmarking communities and companies looking to extract more out of big data benchmarks with useful and relevant business insights. The video series is available on the project YouTube Channel:

DataBench Toolbox – Long version

DataBench Toolbox – Technical users

DataBench Toolbox – Business users

DataBench Toolbox – Benchmark providers

In other news, DataBench will participate at Transfiere Forum – 9th European Meeting on Science, Technology & Innovation that will take place on February 12th and 13th on Málaga, Spain. The event is one of the biggest professional and multi-sectorial Forum for knowledge and Technology Transfer that gathers the most relevant players in the national and international R+D+I ecosystem, where DataBench will have the opportunity to be represented by Atos and showcase its results and benefits to different stakeholders.

Don’t miss the opportunity and visit DataBench at Atos booth Nº B11 in the White Point area.

More information here.