In collaboration with the PPP and its initiative of Virtual webinars, DataBench project held its third Virtual BenchLearning “Assessing the performance and impact of Big Bata, Analytics and AI” on July 8th at 14:00.

The webinar included an introductory session by Richard Stevens from IDC and Arne Berre from SINTEF, focused on the benefits of DataBench for assessing the impact of Big Data and AI technologies from a technical and business perspective that allows comparing metrics with Key Performance Indicators to get more insights about the use of these technologies. In addition, with Tomás Pariente from Atos Spain, attendees were able to know more about the DataBench Toolbox to assess the performance and impact of Big Data and AI technologies for different industries and businesses.

The participation of the projects DeepHealth and I-BiDaaS, also part of the BDV PPP, was relevant to provide a much more detailed overview of challenges and opportunities identified on the use of these technologies and its relation to benchmarking.

If you missed the live session, you can access the recording and presentations on the following links:

Presentation “DataBench Framework”
Presentation “DataBench Toolbox”
Presentation “I-BiDaaS – Industrial-Driven Big Data as a Self-Service Solution”
Presentation “DeepHealth – Needs & Requirements for Benchmarking”