DataBench is looking for you!

The DataBench project is looking for organizations and projects that are using or developing benchmarks for Big Data in order to consolidate a Big Data Benchmarking Community. DataBench addresses the gap in current benchmarking solutions for Big Data Technologies by providing access to existing benchmarking initiatives, methodology and tools to analyze technical metrics and assess their business and industrial impact.

Following the common structure based on the BDVA reference model, the involvement of existing Benchmarking Communities and Initiatives, will allow DataBench to provide a comprehensive benchmarking framework able to respond to the real needs and requirements of European businesses, technology providers and the research community, correlating existing technical benchmarks to performance and business needs of different sectors and domains.

All the interested projects or initiatives can get in touch with DataBench through Coming soon on the website more information about the activities planned for DataBench Benchmarking Community.


About DataBench

At the heart of DataBench is the goal to design a benchmarking process helping European organizations developing BDT to reach for excellence and constantly improve their performance, by measuring their technology development activity against parameters of high business relevance.

DataBench will investigate existing Big Data benchmarking tools and projects, identify the main gaps and provide a robust set of metrics to compare technical results coming from those tools.

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