DataBench project held its Final Event within past edition of the European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF) on November 4th on the Whova platform.

More than 100 participants joined DataBench’s session titled “Evaluation schemes for Big Data and AI performance of high business impact”. Through presentations, discussion panels and demos, several speakers from both, the project and other communities or projects with whom DataBench has been working closely, introduced the most relevant results of the project and its potential to help different businesses and organisations to understand the impact of benchmarking from technical and business perspectives.

The recording of the session is available on the project website and on its YouTube Channel to allow the BDV PPP community to discover more about:

• The current landscape of Big Data and AI benchmarks
• The DataBench framework, which includes a complete set of metrics for the assessment of Big Data technologies
• The DataBench Toolbox, a web-based tool that provides a unique environment to search, select and deploy big data benchmarking tools, giving the possibility to generate unified technical metrics and derive business KPIs
• A comprehensive set of use cases that we have run with companies in different industrial domains and projects of the Big Data PPP to illustrate the way you can get value out of using DataBench
• Pipelines and blueprints

Also, you can download the all the presentations:

Welcome to DataBench, Richard Stevens – IDC, DataBench coordinator

Part I. Big Data Benchmarking landscape and Big Data Blueprints

Arne J. Berre – SINTEF; Axel Ngonga – University of Paderborn; Wanling Gao – Chinese Academy of Sciences; Rekha Singhal – TCS; Todor Ivanov – LeadConsult.

Arne J. Berre – SINTEF; Leonidas Kallipolitis – AEGIS, I-BiDaaS; Brian Elvesæter – SINTEF, TBFY; Athanasios Koumparos – Vodafone, Track&Know; Caj Södergård – VTT, DataBio; Jon Ander Gómez Adrián, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, DeepHealth.

Part II. Big Data Business Framework and benchmarking tooling support

Gabriella Cattaneo and Erica Spinoni – IDC; Chiara Francalanci – Politecnico di Milano; Pierluigi Petrali – Whirlpool, Harald Sehrschön – FILL.

Tomás Pariente – Atos; Marko Grobelnik -JSI; Daniel Sáez -ITI, EuHubs4Data coordinator