EU data economy is forecasted to represent a 4% of the GDP in Europe by 2020 which means to the whole economy an amount of EUR 739 billion. Indeed, it is also reflected in the increase in a number of data companies compared to historical figures. This represents that the industry is looking for innovative solutions in the design and conceptualization of services and products to each of us, as data consumers. Most of the IT players are moving towards digital portfolio offering (Analytics, Big Data Algorithms, AI services) which means that data is the main asset needed for the operations of their services.

A landscape of business opportunities appears surrounded the monetization of those mass data sources. Cross-CPP has understood the potential behind making accessible data lakes from different CPP sources (such as Automotive and Home Systems) therefore the project aims at providing an innovative IT environment, concretely as -Data- Marketplace, making accessible the data streams coming from the mentioned mass products. It will also encourage the development of new cross-sectoral services, as well as enhancement of diverse existing services, such as energy optimisation or hyper-local weather forecast. However, these business potentials are currently still locked since manufacturing industry producing mass products has not established clear models and tools for such cross-sectorial collaborations. These are the main challenge and opportunity as well, a brand-independent concept platform provides the integration of diverse CPP data providers coming from different industrial areas, also providing a standardized cross-industrial CPP data model which needs to be flexible enough to incorporate data coming from various industrial sectors where independently of your sector of expertise you can ingest and make use of that data without adapting your interfaces to the specific brand-formats of thousands of data providers worldwide.

During 2018, Cross-CPP has achieved to deliver the Industrial Requirements Analysis of the system components to be developed in the coming months. As well, the release of the Innovation Concept. This includes not only technical but also business studies and business development plans and communication and publication of Cross-CPP results achieved within representative EU data forums and events. In addition, thanks to the results obtained in this 1st year, the communication team of the project has also released its First Cross-CPP Newsletter, you can check out here. Take a look a to discover which are the Service Development scenarios and Business Cases by using Cross-CPP data. Don’t waste the opportunity to know their key aspects of data-driven products modelling.

Finally, and especially for 2019, the First Prototype of CPP Infrastructure and Data Marketplace will be in place to demonstrate the potential of cross-CPP B2B data sharing agreements.

Stay tuned to Cross-CPP latest news and progress obtained here.