Cross-CPP project and consortium partners aiming to get feedback and validate our functional integrated Full Prototype data marketplace solution, ATOS have released the Beta Testing campaign called “User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) of the Front-end Application” available online here.

The objective of this campaign is to get feedback from the User Interface (UI) User Experience (UX) of the frontend application.  ATOS have provided 2 Test Case Scenarios to follow the journey from a Service Provider (A) (Digital Company, Data-driven start-up, etc.) to create “Data Requests” using the Discovery Process to search for Vehicle or Building data for my data-services or a Data Owner (B) to accept these “Data Requests” from interested Third Parties which are seeking to acquire your data and transform into contracts (e.g. access to premium services with discount/free; or direct monetary reward, for access to the data) with these individuals.

The duration of the 2 Test Case Scenarios is 15-20 minutes (including the Final Survey), so it’s not time-consuming, and for Cross-CPP team is highly valuable to further improving and taking into consideration externals users opinion which is a source of future Consumers for Cross-CPP integrated marketplace.

Looking forward to hearing your needs, thoughts and OPINION!