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M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence

University of Edinburgh
Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh EH8 9YL

This MSc is taught at the UK’s longest established centre for artificial intelligence, which remains one of the best in the world.

Many of your courses will be taught by internationally known researchers spanning a wide range of areas in artificial intelligence and also drawing on research in related fields such as neuroscience, cognitive science, linguistics, and mathematics. We aim to give you the fundamental knowledge and practical skills needed to design, build, and apply AI systems in your chosen area of specialization.

Informatics Research Review;
Informatics Project Proposal
Accelerated Natural Language Processing;
Advanced Vision;
Automatic Speech Recognition;
Decision Making in Robots and Autonomous Agents;
Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition;
Natural Language Understanding, Generation, and Machine Translation;
Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning;
Reinforcement Learning;
Robotics: Science and Systems;

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