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M.Sc. Stochastics and Data Science

University of Torino
Torino, Italy
Via Verdi, 8 - 10124 Torino

The M.Sc. in Stochastics and Data Science at University of Torino aims at preparing students with a solid and modern education in probabilistic, statistical and computational methods.

Inspired by the best programs in Data Science recently started in the USA and Europe, this course brings together the expertise of three Departments of the University of Torino and their research groups in Probability, Statistics and Computer Science, and is currently the only offer of this type in Italy to award a Degree in Mathematics.



Probability Theory;

Statistical Inference;

Programming for Data Science;

Stochastic Processes;

Statistics for Stochastic Processes;

Stochastic Modelling for Statistical Applications;

Multivariate Statistical Analysis;

Databases and Algorithms;

Stochastic Differential Equations;

Bayesian Statistics;

Statistical Machine Learning;

Complex Networks;

Computational Methods for Statistics;

Decision Theory;


Game Theory;

Information Theory;

Introduction to Data Mining;

Simulation Models for Economics;

Applications are open to anyone holding or being close to obtaining a Bachelor degree or an equivalent title (Laurea Triennale for students in Italian universities). There are no formal requirements on the Bachelor degree’s topic . The Selection Committee will evaluate all applications individually on the basis of the supporting documentation provided by the applicant. The evaluation outcome, notified to each applicant soon after eachdeadline, is one of the following: admitted, whereby the student can enrol as soon as the undergraduate title is obtained; not admitted, whereby the student cannot enrol for the current academic year; invited for an interview.

The interview is generally held in English. Italian speakers are allowed to be interviewed in Italian, in which case proficiency in the English language will also be verified (an exemption will be granted upon certifying during the application a B2 English certificate or an English exam during the previous studies).

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