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PhD in Extreme Data Mining

University of Reading
"University of Reading Whiteknights PO Box 217 Reading Berkshire RG6 6AH United Kingdom"

A PhD programme is expected to last three years (max four). During the first year you will receive close tutoring and guidance. In the first and second years you will supported by weekly meetings in a step by step process that will allow you to:

identify the research topic of the project,
carry out a literature review,
understand the state of the art in the field,
define a hot problem, a relevant open issue still to be solved,
devise, implement and test a solution,
compare the proposed solution with the state of the art,
describe the work and the results in scientific terminology and format,
submit the results to international conferences and journals for a peer-review selection process,
present your work at international conferences.

In the third year you are expected to show independence and initiative by performing such activities more autonomously. At the end of the programme you will submit a final thesis and will defend your work in a viva examination.

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