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MSc. Statistics with Data Science

University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
James Clerk Maxwell Building, King's Buildings, Peter Guthrie Tait Road, Edinburgh, EH9 3FD

In this digital and data-rich era the demand for statistics graduates from industry, the public sector and academia is high, yet the pool of such graduates is small. The recent growth of “Data Science” has increased the awareness of the importance of statistics, with the analysis of data and interpretation of the results firmly embedded within this newly recognised field.

Statistical Theory;

Statistical Regression Models;

Bayesian Theory;

Statistical Programming;

Bayesian Data Analysis;

Likelihood and Generalized Linear Models;

Statistical Consultancy;

Introductory Applied Machine Learning;

Text Technologies for Data Science;

Fundamentals of Optimization;

The Analysis of Survival Data;

Stochastic Modelling;

Multilevel Modelling;

Large Scale Optimization for Data Science;

Modern Optimization Methods for Big Data Problems;

Time Series Analysis and Forecasting;

Combinatorial Optimization;

Probabilistic Modeling and Reasoning;

All students on the programme are required to have a certain level of mathematical, statistical and English skills described in detail in the eligibility section. Note that to apply it is not necessary to satisfy the English language requirements. An offer conditional on providing a satisfactory language certificate can be made.

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