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MSc. Network Science

Queen Mary University of London
" Mary University of London, Mile End Road London E1 4NS

“Everything is connected, all is network”
From the underlying skeleton of social relations, the interdependent evolution of our financial system, to the emergent collective computation in the brain, most of the complex systems that appear in society, technology, and nature are ultimately characterised by a nontrivial pattern of inter-relations. This underlying architecture is in turn shaping how information diffuses and spreads, how resilient the system is against attacks or perturbations, or how complex patterns emerge at the systemic level from the aggregation of seemingly simple individuals.

Our MSc Network Science will provide a thorough grounding in the core principles of modelling and analysis of complex and networked systems, along with the principal analytical and numerical methodologies. This will open to students a host of career opportunities in systems and networks modelling industries, spanning the IT, financial, and biomedical sectors, that are now requiring such specialist knowledge and skills.


While being an interdisciplinary topic, Network Science requires some necessary mathematical background. We therefore welcome applications from highly motivated top students around the world with keen and genuine interest in interdisciplinary science that have received some mathematical training in their undergraduate studies. The normal entry requirement for the MSc Network Science is the equivalent of a British first or good second class honours degree in a subject with a substantial mathematical component: for example, mathematics, statistics, physics, computer science, engineering, or economics.

Students from outside of the UK help form a global community here at Queen Mary. For detailed country specific entry requirements please visit the International section of the QMUL website. If your first language is not English, you must provide evidence of your English language proficiency. Non-native English speakers are required to have minimum of IELTS 6.5 or equivalent. Find details on our English language entry requirements here.

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