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MSc. Big Data Analytics

Universitat Politecnica de Valencia
Valencia, Spain
Camino de Vera, s / n, 46022, Valencia

This master is aimed to provide students with the necessary knowledge about the new and essential software tools to meet the challenges of processing large volumes of data. So that they can extract value from the data, because not always having data is equivalent to having information It also will develop in the students the necessary capacities so that they can efficiently carry out, in the business environment, the tasks of management and analysis of the information required in the decision making. Finally, it will cover the training gap required by professionals in the ICT sector. Gap generated in the last years by the appearance of new technological challenges related to the handling of large volumes of data.

Introduction and Leveling;

Introduction to Big Data;

Expansion of Systems Programming;

Introduction to Business Intelligence;

Infrastructure and Management for Big Data;

Cloud Computing and Data Management for Big Data;

Big Data Management Models and Environments;


Big Data and Real Time;

Latest generation tools for Big Data;

Privacy and Security in relation to Big Data;

Privacy and Big Data;

Privacy and Security in relation to Big Data;

Advanced Data Analysis Techniques;

Static tools for Big Data (Analytics);

Introduction to Automatic Learning;

Applications of Automatic Learning;

Data Science ;

Python Workshop;

Workshop of R;

What is Data Science?;

Natural Language Processing and Text Mining;

Text Mining in Social Media;

Data visualization;

Techniques and tools for visualizing data and results;

Display of medical data;

Analysis of Temporary and Financial Data;

Financial Analysis;

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