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M.Sc. Data Science in Engineering

Eindhoven University of Technology
Eindhoven, Netherlands
5612 AZ Eindhoven

Technological and societal changes led to an explosion of digitally available data. Exploiting the available data to its fullest extent, in order to improve decision making, increase productivity, and deepen our understanding of scientific questions, is one of today’s major challenges. Data science is an emerging discipline that aims to address this challenge. It is a multi-disciplinary domain, where computer science and mathematics play crucial roles, complemented with human-technology interaction, business models and operations management expertise and skills.

Advanced algorithms;
Applied statistics;
Advanced process mining;
Statistical learning theory;
Data engineering;
Web information retrieval and data mining;
Principles of data protection;
Business process simulation;
Foundations of data mining;
Algorithms for geographic data;
Time-series and forecasting;
Statistic for big data;


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