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M.Sc. Data Science

University of Southampton
Eindhoven, Netherlands
University Road Southampton SO17 1BJ United Kingdom

This one year MSc Data Science degree prepares students to become a proficient data scientist, building core areas of expertise, from the ability to operate high-performance computing clusters and cloud-based infrastructures, to devising and applying sophisticated Big Data analytics techniques.

Data Visualisation;

Foundations of Data Science;

Project Preparation;

Cloud Application Development;

Advanced Databases;

Computational Biology;

Evolution of Complexity;

Intelligent Agents;

Advanced Intelligent Agents;

Advanced Machine Learning;

Computational Finance;

Open Data Innovation;

Semantic Web Technologies;

Simulation Modeling for Computer Science;

The Science of Online Social Networks;

Foundations of Artificial Intelligence;

Data Mining;

Advanced Computational Methods II;

Applied Statistical Modelling;

Foundations of Web Science;

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