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M.Sc. Big Data Analytics & Social Mining

University of Pisa
Dipartimento di Informatica Università di Pisa Largo B. Pontecorvo 3, Pisa

In an increasingly connected society, big data record individual and collective behaviors with unprecedented accuracy. They are changing science and business, so that someone talks about a real revolution, and are becoming a key resource, the oil of the future.
To manage this flow of information and exploit it in the best way, we need an ad-hoc professional.
The Master in Big Data aims at training data scientists, professionals with a mix of multidisciplinary skills, which allow not only acquiring data and extracting knowledge, but also telling stories through these data and managing their ethical and legal implications.


The participation to the Master is reserved to students who, within the starting date of the master, have earned the master degree. The master is interdisciplinary, since the training of “data scientists” requires a mix of multi-disciplinary expertise to deal with the technological, analytical, narrative and ethical aspects of Big Data. To fully realize the objectives of the master, it is desirable the presence of students with diverse backgrounds who lead to a variety of output figures, valuing the different facets of the scientist profession.
The participation to the master assumes technical and scientific, engineering, socio-economic and humanities knowledge, as well as a proven ability of the student to use the technologies of communication and information.

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