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M.Sc. Modelling and Data Analysis

University of Oslo
University of Oslo P.O. Box 1072 Blindern 0316 Oslo

Modelling and Data Analysis (MoD) is a Master’s degree programme in which you learn to use and develop various tools based on statistics, mathematics and informatics. Tools of this kind are increasingly used to solve problems within various fields such as medicine, bio-technology, industry, social economics, finance and insurance.

Statistical Inference Theory;

Introduction to generalized linear models;

Applied Bayesian Analysis and Numerical Methods;

Statistical Learning: Advanced Regression and Classification;

Survival and event history analysis;

Multivariable analysis;

Time series;

Environmental and spatial statistics;

Statistical Model Selection;

Statistical Methods for Social Sciences. Survey Sampling;

Statistical Bioinformatics – Learning from big data in the life sciences;

Digital communications;

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