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M.Sc. Mathematical Engineering

Universite Nice Sophia Antipolis
Nice - Sophia Antipolis 06108 Nice Cedex 02 France

The Mathematical Engeeniring MSc is a comprehensive program that combines academic rigor and practical relevance. It consists of a selection of taught courses, together with workshops organized by external professional experts. The taught courses are designed to extend a student’s knowledge of the area significantly beyond a BSc course; the workshops are intended to develop the student’s ability to understand the context, importance and relevance of the problems facing a company and solve them using a variety of mathematical, statistical, computing concepts and machine learning techniques. Case study methodology is used to strengthen the conceptual, analytical and problem solving skills of the participants in real situations.

UDMA statistics with SAS & CART and random forests for high-dimensional data;

Sensing variable and multiple tests;

Selecting appraisers and resampling;

Technologies for Big Data;

stochastic calculus and financial mathematics;

Insurance: theory and risk measurement, portfolio management application;

Probabilistic numerical methods in finance;

Training or learning in a company or research laboratory;

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