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M.Sc. Machine Learning and Data Mining

University Jean Monnet
Saint-Étienne, France
18 rue du Professeur Benoit Lauras 42000 Saint Etienne

MLDM (Machine Learning and Data Mining) is an international master program of University Jean Monnet (UJM) and the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne. It leads to the award of the French national master degre in Computer Science as well as the University Diploma in Machine Learning and Data Mining of the University Jean Monnet.

MLDM provides an original scientific position in Europe on problems related to pattern recognition, machine learning, classification, modelling, knowledge extraction and data mining. These issues have a strong employability potential for students trained in the field of modelling, prediction or decision support, as well as in the area of the Web, image and video processing, health informatics, etc.

Advanced algorithmics;
Calculability and Complexity Theory;

Introduction to Machine Learning;
Data Analysis;
Semantic Web;
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence;

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery;
Machine Learning – Fundamentals and algorithms;
Computer Vision;
Computer Networks and Security;
Optimization & Operational Research;

Multi Agent Systems;
Advanced Machine Learning;
Data Mining for Big Data;
Computer Vision;
Machine Learning and Data Mining;
Research Methodology & Project Management;


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