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M.Sc. specialization in data science, Big data

Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
Bruxelles, Belgium
Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 50, 1050 Bruxelles

The master specialization in data science, big data aims to train the methods and technological tools that will answer important societal issues. In fact, the intense use of computer tools and the internet at the beginning of the 21st century has a clear impact on the way in which information research and analysis must be tackled. In many areas, practitioners must now

deal with massive databases (“Big Data”).

The fields of application of data science are very diverse: genomics and large-scale DNA sequencing can generate huge amounts of data at multiple biological levels; data is generated every second when using social networks, mobile phones, tablets; industrial equipment, robots today are equipped with sensors that provide colossal information and thus also generate a huge amount of data. In economics and finance, practitioners today face situations in which they must provide real-time predictions based on data collected at a very high frequency (production, exchanges, market data).

This master is a natural preparation for the professions of “data scientist”, “data manager”, “analytics manager” or simply “statistician” or “computer scientist” who are more and more sought after by companies.

Computing foundations of data sciences;
Multivariate and high-dimensional statistics;
Data management and analytics;
Statistical foundations of machine learning;
Time series analysis 1;
Computational statistics;
Topics in mathematical statistics I;
Statistical learning;
Combinatorial optimization;
Continuous optimization;

Data Mining;

Pattern recognition and image analysis;



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