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M.Sc. Informatics

University Grenoble Alpes
46 avenue Félix Viallet F38031 Grenoble Cedex 1 - France

This is a highly competitive, two-year European Masters program offering training in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and the Web, Parallel, Distributed and Embedded Systems, Ubiquitous and Interactive Systems, Graphics, Vision and Robotics, Advanced Information Systems and Software Engineering.

Principles of Operating Systems;

Mathematics for Computer Science;

Programming Languages and Compiler Design;

Software Engineering;

Image and Signal Processing;

Algorithms and Program Design;

Operating Systems or Compiler Design;

Data Base Foundations;
Adaptive Computing Systems;

Computer Network Principles;

Intelligent Systems: Reasoning and Recognition;

3D Graphics;

Introduction to Robotics and Perception;

Introduction to Cryptology and Coding;

Introduction to Human Computer Interaction;

Introduction to Distributed Systems;

Introduction to Image Analysis;

High Performance Computing with mathematical models;

Distributed System Concepts;

Large-scale data management;

Convex and distributed optimization;

Machine Learning Fundamentals;

Advanced Learning Models;

Fundamentals of probabilistic data mining;

Advanced algorithms for data mining and machine learning;

Information visualisation;

Computational biology;

Stochastic modeling for neuro-sciences;

Time Series Analysis;

Information access and retrieval;

Category Learning and Object Recognition;

Software Development Tools and Methods;

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