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M.Sc. Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Grenoble INP
46 avenue Félix Viallet 38031 Grenoble Cedex 1 - France

Currently, applied mathematics is an area that provides many job opportunities, in industry and in the academic world.
There is a great demand for mathematical engineers on topics such as scientific computation, big data analysis, imaging and computer graphics, with applications in many fields such as physics, medicine, biology, engineering, finance, environmental

Algorithms and software tools;

Applied probability;


Partial differential equations and numerical methods ;

Signal and image processing;

Geometric modelling;


Toward big data and high performance computing;

Numerical optimisation;

Variational methods applied to modeling,;

3D Graphics;

Computer Algebra and Cryptology;

Data analysis, linear models and ANOV;

For admission you must have a 4-year Bachelor Degree in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics or equivalent, or be currently enrolled in master’s studies.

The minimum requirement is to have earned at least the equivalent of 240 ECTS credits.

Anyone holding a first year of master (60 ECTS credits) in mathematics or applied mathematics or an equivalent degree, interested in pursuing a high level mathematical education and motivated by the applications of mathematics.

Students from related backgrounds (physics, computer science, engineering, …) may also apply provided they possess very good mathematical qualifications.

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