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M.Sc. in Data Science

La Salle - Universitat Ramon Llull
c/Sant Joan de La Salle 42, 08022 Barcelona - Spain

Data Science has emerged as a new profession thrusted by the increasing access of organisations to data. Its essential role is turning the raw material into insights and knowledge to support decisions in the context of data driven organisations. Examples are understanding customer behaviour; figuring out the relations in working teams; assessing, predicting and reducing risks; detecting new business opportunities; designing marketing campaigns or establishing predictive maintenance. Moreover, in the context of the coming Artificial Intelligence driven organisations, they role will be key to understand and control the data, information and decision flows. The master of Data Science of La Salle, Universitat Ramon Llull is organised around the core knowledge toolbox of the modern Data Scientist, namely, advanced statistics and artificial intelligence. This core is completed by essential subjects that enable the interaction in the corporate environment and help developing sound Data Science projects. These subjects are Ethical and Legal aspects of Data, Computing Infrastructures, Databases, and Data for Business. The year is completed by studying specific areas of application ranging from Business Intelligence to Smart Cities or Big Science.

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