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M.Sc. in Data and Web Science

School of Informatics - Aristotle University
Thessaloniki 541 24, Greece

We live in the era of data and modern Web technologies! The phrase “big data is the new oil” highlights the influence of big data in today’s economy, in a time where people and machines interact through modern technologies over the World Wide Web.

Technology has entered all fields of life and work and has led to an avalanche of data everywhere, while social Web technologies have led to new experiences of continuous interaction among people and machines.

Data are produced everywhere and continuously, e.g. in smart cities equipped with sensors, in social networks, in intelligent vehicles in transportation means, in health organizations.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) emphasizes the importance of data and the challenging demands for their protection and their ethical use.

Multiple challenges arise in scientific, social and practical level, as we produce more data than what we can process and exploit!

There is an international need to strengthen the skills and knowledge of young scientists to empower them such that they understand the data and master the technologies for data analysis and discovery of valuable knowledge.

Machine Learning[];

Big data analysis technologies[];

Distributed Data Processing[];

Text mining and Natural Language Processing[];

Social networks analytics[];

Web data mining[];

Semantic Web[];

Big data knowledge mining[];

Decentralized technologies – Blockchains[];

Advanced Machine Learning[];

Advanced Databases[];

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