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M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence

Cork Institute of Technology
Rossa Ave, Bishopstown, Cork, T12 P928

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science that enables computers and machines to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence. Its many applications range from chess-playing robots and autonomous cars to speech, image, and language processing, robotic manufacturing, and surveillance systems. In the twenty-first century, AI has experienced a resurgence following concurrent advances in computer power, large amounts of data, and theoretical understanding. AI techniques have now become an essential part of the technology industry, helping to solve many challenging problems in computer science.

Practical Machine Learning;
Knowledge Representation;
Metaheuristic Optimisation;
Big Data Processing;
Research Practice & Ethics;
Natural Language Processing;
Recommender Systems;
AI for Sustainability;
Computer Simulation & Analysis;
Deep Learning;
Decision Analytics;
Research Project;
Robotics & Autonomous Systems;
Planning and Scheduling;
Fraud and Anomaly Detection;

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