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M.Sc. High Performance Computing with Data Science

University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
James Clerk Maxwell Building Mayfield Road The King's Buildings Campus Edinburgh

You will study at EPCC, the UK’s leading supercomputing centre. EPCC is the major provider of high performance computing (HPC) training in Europe with an international reputation for excellence in HPC education and research. Our staff have a wealth of expertise across all areas of HPC, parallel programming technologies and data science. This MSc programme has a strong practical focus and provide access to leading- edge HPC systems such as ARCHER, which is the UK’s largest, fastest and most powerful supercomputer, with more than 100,000 CPU cores. Data science involves the manipulation, processing and analysis of data to extract knowledge, and HPC provides the power that underpins it. You will learn the multidisciplinary skills and knowledge in both HPC and data science to unlock the knowledge contained in the increasingly large, complex and challenging data sets that are now generated across many areas of science and business.

Fundamentals of Data Management;

Message-Passing Programming;

Programming Skills;

Threaded Programming;

Data Analytics with High Performance Computing;

Software Development;

HPC Architectures;

Parallel Numerical Algorithms;

Parallel Programming Languages;

Advanced Parallel Programming;

HPC Ecosystem;

Parallel Design Patterns;

Performance Programming;

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