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M.Sc. Enterprise Systems and Database Administration

University of Greenwich
University of Greenwich Old Royal Naval College, 30 Park Row, London SE10 9LS

This programme is aimed at students who require both academic and technical training in advanced information technology. It is designed to meet the needs of practising IT professionals and to foster an appreciation of the theoretical foundations and academic framework for such personnel. It also provides an entry point to the IT industry for graduates by supplying high-level technical training to supplement the academic content.

The programme is of particular interest to those who wish to develop enterprise-level database systems. It is supported by Oracle technology, which is widely used in industry for a diverse range of information needs. Those working in the IT industry, as well as anyone seeking a higher academic qualification in database technology and information systems, gain practical skills in Oracle technology (which are in short supply) and are able to develop database systems using the latest technology. Students also acquire the project management skills necessary for IT consultancy and strategic decision making.

PG Project (CIS);

Data Warehousing;

Database Architectures and Administration;

System Administration and Security;

Database Tools;

Enterprise Systems Integration;

User Centred Web Engineering;

Mobile Application Development;

Enterprise Software Engineering Development;

Big Data;

System Modelling;

Programming Enterprise Components;

Network Architectures and Services;

Multi-structured Data and NoSQL Technology;

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