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M.Sc. Data Science

Bologna Business School
Villa Guastavillani Via degli Scalini, 18 – 40136 Bologna (BO) Italy

The Master in Data Science is designed for recent graduates interested in management and data analysis and who would like to take on a role which is central to any business and its value creation. A Data Scientist has already become one of the most sought-after specialists in the professional world.

The data business is becoming a key sector for the European economy, the development of products and services based on data and the analysis of data collected in companies, public entities or that are available on social networks. The aim being to obtain operational indications and to identify new business opportunities.

Big Data is a big challenge of today’s world, but we are training professionals to understand and create value from this complex information. Companies, in fact, have both a need and an urgency to manage the acquisition, presentation, sharing, analysis and visualization of data.

field work laboratory;

big data;

business intelligence & data warehouse;

customer & marketing analytics;

data mining;

humanities and communication;

performance measurement system;

statistics and data analysis;

supply chain and operation analytics;

technology laboratory;

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