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M.Sc. Data Science

Varna Free University
Varna, Bulgaria
Chaika Resort, 9007 Varna, Bulgaria

International students can apply for higher education study in Bulgaria under the provisions of inter-state and inter-government treaties in the sphere of student exchange, as well as various cultural and scientific projects, or enroll in a paid program. Foreign citizens, who apply for study in Bulgarian higher education institutes, must have a document for completed secondary education, providing access to the higher education institutions in the country of graduating secondary education, or a document for completed higher education, or a higher education degree. The minimum average grade of the school disciplines from the document for completed secondary education, which are forming the entrance grade for the chosen specialty, should be no lower than 62 percent of the maximum value of the grading system in the country of acquired education. Foreign students are enrolled in Bulgarian higher education institutions on the basis of diploma review on compliance with any specific requirements the university might have. Completed bachelor or master degree program in Computer Science and after entrance exam.

Data Analytics Methods;


Business Intelligence;

Database Systems;

Data Visualization;

Big Data Analytics;

Semantic Data;

Distributed and Cloud Computing;

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