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M.Sc. Data Mining

University Gent
Gent, Belgium
St. Pietersnieuwstraat 33, 9000 Gent

This 9-month full-time program in predictive analytics (from October to July) is taught 100 % in English. Students will receive classes by world-renowned experts in their field. Data-mining techniques are introduced in the application domain of analytical Customer Relationship Management (CRM)/Marketing. The main emphasis is on classification techniques (binary as well as multi-class): starting with the classical statistical techniques (e.g. logistic regression) over decision trees (including random forests) to artificial neural networks. Sufficient time is also devoted to the modeling process as such (Knowledge Discovery in Databases including the data pre-processing step) as well as checking (predictive) model quality, e.g. AUC on a test sample.

Social Media and Web Analytics;

Marketing Information Systems – Database Marketing;

Analytical Customer Relationship Management;

Advanced Predictive Analytics;

Pricing and Revenue Management;

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