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M.Sc. Data Analytics

University College Dublin
University College Dublin Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

This course will help you analyse and understand the large data sets that are regularly being created via the huge growth in freely available online information. This is an exceedingly valuable skill and in strong demand from employers. We see Data Analytics as a subject at the crossroads between statistics and computer science, and our Online Professional Diploma and Online MSc contain elements of both. We will give you the tools to apply these advanced skills to maximum effect in any work-related environment. There are no lectures to attend. Students will be given videos, online demonstrations, and interactive games to enhance their learning, with regular feedback and interaction via course tutors through the UCD website.

Java Technologies;

Professional Java Programming Part 1;

Professional Java Programming Part II;

Adv Data Analytics (online);

Introduction to Data Analytics (online);

Data Programming with R (online);

Multivariate Analysis (online);

Data Mining (online);

Adv Pred Analytics (online);

Data Prog with C (online);

Predictive Analytics I (online);

Data Prog with Python (online);

Stochastic Models (online);

Monte Carlo (online);

Adv Data Prog with R (online);

Data Prog with SAS (online);

Bayesian Analysis (online);

Time Series (online);

Students must have obtained a first degree in a numerate subject to standard 2:1. Those without this requirement but with equivalent experience in industry will also be considered on a case by case basis. All applications are considered individually. The Applications Committee will have to assess all the modules taken during an applicant’s degree and individual results to check suitability

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