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M.Sc. Computing Science

Radboud University
Nijmegen, Netherlands
Radboud University Comeniuslaan 4 6525 HP Nijmegen

The enormous and rapidly growing power of ICT is the main driving force shaping our modern society. This goes beyond the technical and economical aspects. ICT is also essential in research as all sciences benefit from the raw power of software in processing huge quantities of data. But how do we manage and control the complexity of modern software? How can we make the most of the opportunities? And, not to be forgotten, how can we secure the ICT infrastructures we so heavily rely on? The Master’s programme in Computing Science covers all these aspects. We offer specialisations in each terrain: security, software, data and the mathematics at the base of it all. These are not, however, isolated disciplines. We also look at the interesting interplay between them. For example, by taking privacy into account when dealing with big data. And by doing a thorough analysis of newly designed software to prevent security breaches later. Thanks to a large number of optional courses, you can decide where you want your focus to be.

Machine Learning in Practice;

Information Retrieval;

Bayesian Networks;

Law in Cyberspace;

Natural Computing;

Statistical Machine Learning;

Text Mining;

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