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M.Sc. Computer, Communication and Information Science

Aalto University
, Finnland
02150 Espoo

Master’s degree in Computer Science gives you an opportunity to change the world. Software is essential part of industry, commerce, healthcare, media, and even art. New innovations are often based on new technologies, such as cloud computing, web, and big data.

Machine Learning: Basic Principles;

Bayesian Data Analysis;

Deep Learning;

Machine Learning: Advanced Probabilistic Methods;

Algorithmic Methods of Data Mining;

Kernel Methods in Machine Learning;

Information Visualization;

Computational Science;

Computer Vision;

Speech Recognition;

Statistical Natural Language Processing;

High-Throughput Bioinformatics;

Artificial Intelligence;

Special Course in Machine Learning and Data Science;

Machine Learning in Bioinformatics;

Statistical Genetics and Personalized Medicine;

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