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M.Sc. Business and Technology

Tampere University of Technology
Tampere, Finnland
Korkeakoulunkatu 10, 33720 Tampere

Technology businesses are going from local to global — they need young professionals with an intercultural mindset and an understanding of the latest technologies. We at TUT welcome engineers and engineering graduates from all over the world to study in our MSc Programme in Business and Technology (B&T) in an intercultural, business-oriented learning environment.

B&T focuses on business development in international sales and sourcing networks. Companies operate in global networks; both managers and business development professionals need to understand how such networks function and can be managed. In B&T you will develop a thorough understanding of the business processes characteristic to global business-to-business markets and the ability to apply business development practices in international networks.

Technology and Innovation Management;

Turning Technology into Business;

Technology Strategy;

Basics of Information and Knowledge Management;

Data and Information Management;

Information Security Management;

Knowledge Networks and Value Creation;

Basics of Industrial Management;

Speech Communication and Negotiation Skills;

Managing Operative Sales and Sourcing in Global B2B Markets;

Supply Chain Management;

Sourcing and Supply Management;

Logistics Management and Strategies;

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