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M.Sc. Business Analytics and Decision Sciences

University of Leeds
Leeds, United Kingdom
University of Leeds Woodhouse Lane Leeds LS2 9JT

Businesses are increasingly collecting large amounts of information about their customers and activities. This ‘big data’ is big news with the media, businesses and government as they consider how to use this mass of information in a meaningful way. Analysts use their expertise to make sense of this information and interpret it, enabling evidence-based business decisions. As a result, they’re in high demand with employers in every sector. This programme gives you an insight into business analytics and explores how organisations can exploit the big data revolution. You’ll develop decision-oriented, quantitative analytical skills in a management context, and learn to sift intelligence from the growing volume and variety of data collected on many aspects of life. Combining theoretical concepts with practical application, you’ll develop a unique mix of quantitative and behavioural skills relevant to data analyses, effective decision-making and management.

Effective Decision Making;

Advanced Management Decision Making;

Business Analytics and Decision Science;

Forecasting and Advanced Business Analytics;

Evidence Based Consultancy;

Quantitative Analysis;

Risk Perception and Communication;

Managing Global Logistics and Supply Chains;

Operations and Supply Chain Management;

Information Tools for Organisations;

Designing Information Systems;

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