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M.Sc. Business Analytics

Athens University of Economics and Business
Athens, Greece
28is Oktovriou 76, Athina 104 34

“Data, data everywhere!” the Economist was proclaiming in a special issue few years ago. Since then, terms such as “Business Analytics”, “Big Data” and “Data Science” became mainstream, with extensive coverage in newspapers, magazines, television shows – even global economic forums. The Business Analytics programme is offered by Athens University of Economics and Business.

Information Systems & Business Process Management;

Data Management and Business Intelligence;

Large Scale Optimization;

Mining Big Datasets;

Statistics for Business Analytics I;

Innovation and Entrepreneurship;

Analytics Practicum I;

Enterprise Information Systems;

Big Data Systems;

Statistics for Business Analytics II;

Social Network Analysis;

Big Data Content Analytics;

Business Analytics Case Studies;

Data Privacy and Data Protection;

Analytics Practicum II;

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