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M.Sc. Big Data Science

UIC Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
Carrer de la Immaculada, 22, 08017 Barcelona

The UIC Barcelona Executive Master’s Degree in Big Data Science is the programme for you if you are a professional who would like to develop further in the fields of Big Data and Advanced Analytics. We will teach you to take decisions in business environments that involve a high volume of data generated at great speed, in which the extraction of knowledge is key. Based on advanced analytical techniques (predictive and prescriptive), visualisation and the design of suitable environments and architecture, we will provide you with the knowledge to tackle Big Data projects.

This Master’s degree involves theoretical and practical on-site classes to provide analytical and technological guidance in classes taught by well-known professionals from the sector, which include undertaking practical exercises in real environments. The classes are taught on-site, except the final project, and the methodology that will be used is learning by doing, in order to ensure the acquisition of competences.

At the same time real cases are studied for project-based practicums. You will undertake your Final Master’s Degree Project based on the support and supervision of a tutor/professional supervisor and you will work using the tools and datasets involved in real business situations.

The Big Data Environment and Business Intelligence;

Descriptive statistics;

Machine Learning;

Integrated environment with KNIME;

Open Data;

SQL and NoSQL databases;

Business Intelligence projects;

Big Data Environment and Architectures;

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