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M.Sc. Big Data Management

Luiss Business School
LUISS Business School Villa Blanc,Via Nomentana, 216 00162 Roma, Italia

The Master in Big Data Management program prepares students to work effectively with complex, real-world data with the objective to create value from it.
LUISS Business School’s Master in Big Data Management provides young professionals with the skills necessary to be at the forefront of modern Business Analytics technique and to become a Data Scientist.
A Data Scientist must combine a hybrid set of competencies: she/he is a computer hacker with good knowledge of advanced statistical techniques, but she/he also possesses a thorough understanding of the business world and excellent communication skills.
Finding these set of competencies in a single person is rare; they need to be built choosing a mix that is right for the field of applications.
The Master in Big Data Management program put at center stage the economic and business ideas that are vital for developing effective data solutions. The program’s curriculum is designed to prepare students to design analytical models and interpreting them from a clear business oriented perspective.



Financial Management;

Business Law;

Big Data Lab;

Organizational & HRM;

Access Tools and Informational Discovery;


Machine Learning;

Advanced Programming;

Economic Forecasting;

Advanced Visualizations;

Marketing Analytics;

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