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M.Sc. Big Data, Large Scale Data Management and Analysis

TELECOM Paris Tech
Paris, France
46 Rue Barrault, 75013 Paris

The reputation of Télécom ParisTech’s Specialized Master Big Data is strong not only with major international groups but also with start-ups. Students usually receive several internship or hiring proposals during their training. About ten companies (Thales, Safran, Airbus, Orange …) are members of the development committee of the Specialized Master Big Data, which means that their content always remains in line with the needs of companies.The Big Data is one of the six major structuring axes of Telecom ParisTech. A key element of its international reputation, it resonates through its three missions: training, research and innovation. The School runs three research and teaching chairs around the Big Data, offers a complete range of courses in initial and continuing education and encourages innovation through its incubator, ParisTech Entrepreneurs. The theme is about fifty lecturers, 50 doctoral students and about 100 graduates a year.

Distributed systems for Big Data;

Statistics, Databases;

Distributed algorithms for large databases;


Data Science Kit;

Machine Learning;


Internet Economics and Personal Data Law;

Computer Security for Big Data;

Big Data Econometrics;

Advanced Learning Machine;

Web Data;

Visualization of Information;

Big Data Ecosystem;

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