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M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence

Data ScienceTech Institute
950 Route des Colles Sophia-Antipolis 06410 Biot
This 9-month Advanced MSc programme (3 months of classes, 6 month- internship), with its two entries in Autumn and Spring, is designed to open your career to the Artificial Intelligence jobs marrying mathematics & computer science excellence industries are looking for.
In this Advanced MSc programme, students will:
·        Learn how to build complex neural networks architectures and train them on GPU;
·        Leverage high-performance for artificial intelligence algorithms (machine learning, deep learning) using advanced programming techniques;
·        Handle complex data for applied artificial intelligence techniques such as computer vision or natural language processing (NLP);
·        Learn how to leverage Deep Learning for computer vision applications
 Signal processing, Bayesian and Artificial Neural Network approaches;
Linguistic resources, Text processing, Textometry, Text Mining;
Recurrent Neural Networks, LSTM, Residual Networks, Reinforcement Learning, Generative Networks;
Physics-inspired (PSO, Hill-Climbing, Simulated Annealing) and Biology-inspired (ant colony optimisation, Genetic) algorithms;
Spectral (Signal Processing, Wavelet analysis) and Bayesian approaches;
Causal loop diagrams, Stock and flow diagrams, Non-linear algebraic equations, Chaos Theory;
Applications of Inverse Problems to oceanography and meteorology data for modelling and prediction;

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