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M.Sc. Advanced Computing

University of Bristol
Bristol, United Kingdom
Department of Computer Science University of Bristol Department of Computer Science Merchant Venturers Building Woodland Road Bristol BS8 1UB

This MSc is for students who already have a first degree in computer science or a related subject. It allows you to gain expertise with more advanced material in a range of specialist areas and covers both theory and practical application. It is suitable preparation for either a career in industry or a PhD.

The Department of Computer Science is very active in research; for example, it has the largest cryptography group in the world and one of the largest intelligent systems groups in the UK. Staff have good links with leading researchers and industrial partners internationally.

Skilled professionals and researchers, who are able to apply these technologies to current problems and thereby push the limits of what computers can effectively do, are in high demand in today’s job market.

Introduction to Machine Learning;

Uncertainty Modelling for Intelligent Systems;

High Performance Computing;

Image Processing and Computer Vision;

Learning in Autonomous Systems;

Cloud Computing;

Algorithmic Aspects of the Internet;

Applied Data Science;

Computational Bioinformatics;

Artificial Intelligence with Logic Programming;

Computational Neuroscience;

Robotics Systems PG;

Computational Genomics and Bioinformatics Algorithms;

Bio-Inspired Artificial Intelligence;

Web Technologies;

Server Software;

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