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M.Sc. Databases and Web-based Systems

University of Salford
43 Crescent, Salford M5 4WT

This course is your opportunity to specialise in the development of web-based software systems that use databases. During your time with us, you will gain a critical awareness of the methodologies, tools and techniques used for the development of web-based computer systems and an advanced understanding of the techniques used for the development, evaluation and testing of databases.

The course also develops an awareness of the latest developments in the field of advanced databases, data mining and data warehousing. You will also gain substantial knowledge and skills in the deployment of SAS business intelligence software leading towards SAS data miner accreditation, and learn what the Semantic Web and Linked Data are, together with what these technologies enable.

Advanced Databases;
Web-based Software Development;
Semantic Web and Information Extraction;
Business Intelligence;

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