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M.Sc. Data Science for Complex Economic Systems

Collegio Carlo Alberto
Via Real Collegio, 30, 10024 Moncalieri TO

The Master in Data Science for Complex Economic Systems at Collegio Carlo Alberto provides theoretical and methodological tools to understand and analyse complex systems which typically exhibit nonlinear behaviour resulting from the interaction of heterogeneous agents, hierarchy and continuous innovation. These properties require exploring new visions and expanding education beyond the frontier of traditional economic studies. In addition to the standard toolkit of economics and econometrics, the program takes a path-breaking perspective on advanced analytics, including big data, machine-learning network analysis, and agent-based simulation. The Master applies this pioneering approach to modelling, management, forecasting and policymaking in innovation, urban and consumption systems.

Introductory Statistics;
Mathematics For Economics;
Coding in Python;
Microeconomics of Complex Economies;
Complex Networks;
Modelling Complex System;
Complexity And Agent-Based Models I;
Econometrics in R;
Data Mining;
Machine Learning;
Innovation System: entrepreneurship and technology strategy;
Consumption System: marketing and risk strategy;
Smart Urban System and the IoT;
Innovation System Lab: patent and technology analysis;
Consumption System Lab: advanced analytics in marketing and risk;
Smart Urban System Lab: the geography of web and social media analytics;

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