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M.Sc. Data Engineering

Jacobs University Bremen
Bremen, Germany
Jacobs University Bremen Campus Ring 1 28759 Bremen, Germany

Big data has turned out to have giant potential, but poses major challenges at the same time. On the one hand, big data is driving the next stage of technological innovation and scientific discovery. Accordingly, big data has been called the “gold” of the digital revolution and the information age. On the other hand, the global volume of data is growing at a pace which seems to be hard to control. In this light, it has been noted that we are “drowning in a sea of data”.

Faced with these prospects and risks, the world requires a new generation of data specialists. Data engineering is an emerging profession concerned with big data approaches to data acquisition, data management and data analysis. Providing you with up-to-date knowledge and cutting-edge computational tools, data engineering has everything that it takes to master the era of big data.

The Big Data Challenge: Topics, Applications, Perspectives;

Big Data Bases and Cloud Services;

Principles of Statistical Modeling;

Data Analytics;

Semantic Web and Internet of Things;

Document Analysis;

Machine Learning;

Data Acquisition Technologies;

Big Data Management;

Data Visualization and Image Processing;

Statistical Modeling and Predictive Analytics;

Internet Security and Privacy;

Data Ethics;

Legal Foundations of Data Engineering;

Further skills courses;



Letter of Motivation
Curriculum vitae (CV)
University transcript in English or German
Bachelor’s degree certificate or equivalent (may be handed in later)
Two letters of recommendation


English language proficiency test with a minimum score of 90 (TOEFL) or 6.5 (IELTS). Alternatively, students may submit a confirmation from their previous university that their education was conducted in English.

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