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M.Sc. Data Engineering

Aalborg University
Fredrik Bajers Vej 5, 9100 Aalborg

The Data Engineering master’s programme at Aalborg University covers a range of topics in the field. Today’s software systems manage large amounts of traditional and non-traditional data including temporal, spatial, spatio-temporal, and multidimensional data.
The programme focuses on technologies for managing this kind of data covering conceptual modelling and database design, data models, query languages, query processing and optimization, and indexing. The programme features traditional courses as well as projects that typically involve construction and experimentation with software prototypes.

From Reality to Models in Data Engineering;

Data-intensive Systems;

Programming Paradigms;

Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems;

Web Engineering;

From Models to Reality in Data Engineering;

Advanced Algorithms;

Advanced Programming;

Advanced Topics in Machine Intelligence;

Mobile Software Technology;

Pre-specialization in Data Engineering;

Specialization course in Database Systems; Entrepreneurship;

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